Hello dear friends

Over the last 130 years the Jewish people have gone through an amazing historical processes - even more amazing those of previous generations.
We're not just watching from the sidelines. We are active partners in all of this!
In these times, we are all parts of a great story.
After 1800 years of exile into the four corners of the globe, the Jewish people began to slowly gather from the remote regions of the diaspora. Through endless hard work, overcoming numerous challenges, enduring difficulties and at a high risk – the immigrants re-established a Jewish state in Israel.
From a historical perspective, those who made the change were 'the Jewish people', a great and diverse body unified under a single name.
At the Historical Institute, we specialize in social history and understand that history is made by actual men and women who have created this spectacular image together. If we listen more closely to their voices, we can paint a more accurate general picture of what actually happened.
We record personal and family stories, from testimonials to postcards, documenting unique communities and locations where significant stories in the history of the people of Israel took place in recent times.
Each participant plays an integral part of this wonderful picture by describing aspects of it. We do not
consider any testimony to be just “a little story” for each one forms a unique strand of the tapestry.
This is our calling. This is our mission.
You are our history! Without you – the people - none of this would have happened.
We wish to bestow upon you this honor, as our responsibility to future generations, to perpetuate the names, the faces, emotions, colors, and flavors of all of the experiences behind the scenes of the 'big picture'.
Therefore we strive to grant each and every one the right to bequeath a family legacy to future generations. Our goal is that each and every family’s roots will be perpetuated and documented so that their story can be told and form a part of the greater story that we all take part in.
The Virtual Museum of the Historical Institute, uses the Internet’s capabilities to publish each share of our common history. In addition, the Historical Institute maintains a publishing house - so that each family can record intra-familial history and general history.
There are things which cannot be put off: If one waits until his children will seek to learn about the roots of the family there may be no one left who knows the answers.
Contact us now!
We interview, document and write in English and other languages as well.
The gift you will give to yourself and your family is the most important of all - and you deserve it.
We know how to do the job for you faithfully and professionally - and most important of all - with love.
So, please accept our invitation and take advantage of this unique opportunity to record the recent history of your family in the eternal pages of the history of Israel – and take your role in it.
Yours truly,
With much esteem,
Ezekiel Frankel
Executive Director, Historical Institute, and on behalf of the entire staff
מכון קורות: טלפון: 1-800-202-156   |   דןא"ל: office@machonkorot.co.il
מכון קורות: טלפון: 1-800-202-156   |   דוא"ל: office@machonkorot.co.il